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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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baseball? san francisco giants maybe you've heard? they are in the play-offs along the as. 6:37 tomorrow evening first pitch for game one of the national league divisional series right here in san francisco. here's the change. a lot of cloud cover again today. look at all this cloud cover coming through. and the amazing thing is, the source of this cloud cover is the same low pressure area that earlier this week gave us the hot weather now it's just off to our west. we are getting the onshore flow and things will be cooler this weekend. we are going to stay dry but the cooling trend continues. there is rain associated with this low. we'll talk about when that arrives in my full forecast in 15 minutes. >> weather sports and entertainment reporter. >> all in one. >> paul, thanks. well, if you are brave enough to enter the city on this hectic weekend, avoid those heavy traffic areas. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington rode along with the chp for a preview of those troublesome spots.
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>> reporter: there are so many events around the bay area, it will be hard to avoid a traffic area no matter where you are but one of the biggest problems behind me. the bay bridge. expected to get very congested especially tomorrow afternoon. so people are advised to give themselves at least one to two hours to get to their events on time. fleet week airshows, america's cup races, 49ers and giants games, just a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam-packed weekend. >> we expect about one million people to come into the city to attend these events. and there's going to be severe impacts to traffic. >> reporter: almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer mike ferguson breaks down some of the problem areas drivers might face. a big one any approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i think it's a safe bet it will be at least commute traffic heavy but it could be even worse than that. >> reporter: with traffic expected to go all the way back to the macarthur maze. the fremont and harrison street exits which lead to the
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embarcadero expected to add to the backup. also, the 280 and 101 interchange especially sunday before the 49ers game approaching candlestick. and off-ramps to the giants game. >> you see the right lanes over here get blocked. we have seen people try to drive on the shoulder. >> reporter: the commute won't get any easier inside the city. >> it's going to be slow moving for anyonewants to drive. once you get to your destination, there's going to be few places to park. >> reporter: so visitors are urged to use public transportation. bart or muni, ride your bike, walk, take a cab. here's a small taste of what to expect. this was the traffic today on fulton street near the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. to alleviate some of the problems schools are offering paid parking and chp officers will have out freeway service patrols like tow trucks on hand to clear any disabled cars out of lanes of traffic. >> if their intention is if they can change a tire, give you some water for your radiator or give you a little bit of gas to get you back on your way, that's what they are going to do.
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>> reporter: the best thing you can do tomorrow is leave early and be patient. you can also call 511 or visit to get latest traffic information. elizabeth. >> or lace up the walking shoes if you can. all right, elizabeth, thank you. for a complete guide to the busy weekend of activities, go to our website, hayward detectives are investigating a deadly police shooting tonight. a stolen car was stopped near briargate way and vanderbilt street. cbs 5 reporter don knapp says the driver didn't comply and reached for something in his waistband. >> reporter: that's right. people here in this neighborhood are quick to say that sort of thing doesn't happen but it did. a police officer approached the driver of a apparently stolen vehicle interpreted a move he thought was threatening and shot and killed him. >> i just heard the gunshots. i was inside my house and i heard three or four back-to- back gunshots. >> reporter: shoes and evidence markers on the street,
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investigators measuring and documenting the scene. it's the too familiar aftermath of still another shooting this one involving a hayward police officer that left the suspect dead. >> as he approached the vehicle he contacted a solo occupant. he ordered that occupant several times to put his hands in the air. of the suspect didn't comply. he reached for a weapon. at that point, the officer fearing the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >> reporter: karen edwards was caring for her mother a few doors away. >> it's scary. it's reelly scary. but i was really impressed with -- when i look outside all of the police. >> reporter: police say the officer called for backup before approaching the driver of an apparently stolen car. >> there was a weapon located in the suspect's presence. fire immediately showed up and took control of the first aid measures and the suspect was transported to the hospital
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where he was pronounced dead. >> the suspect's weapon fired? >> he haven't identified what the weapon was. >> reporter: firefighters hosed down the street where the suspect was shot. the car an older honda coupe was impounded. >> i grew up here. nothing really happens around here. >> reporter: except today. >> except today. >> reporter: police say they're withholding information on the suspect and on the weapon or weapons until they can contact and talk with a witness they believe left the scene right after the shooting. allen? >> thank you, don knapp in hayward. the troubling allegations against an east bay teacher raised an outcry from students and parents. his death and outpouring of grief and demands for answers. now albany's police chief is reaching out to the community defending his department's decision to arrest him. >> my son's life... [ crying ] >> reporter: police say james izumizaki killed himself just days after his arrest this
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month for allegedly committing a lewd act with a minor. now they say they have found evidence the 6th grade teacher had inappropriate relations with multiple victims all minors. ♪ [ music ] [ rap ] >> reporter: it's unclear if any of those victims are in this youtube video. but izumizaki is. >> sir, it's a little loud in here. do you think could you cope it down, please is this. >> reporter: izumizaki may or may not have known what kind of video he had been in during the filming. but the police chief did release this statement. "we will continue to investigate to ensure that any digital record created during the commission of a crime with a juvenile does not live on into perpetuity." the department released the three-page statement after criticism of how the department handled the case. >> we don't even know the whole story. we don't even know. >> reporter: the police explained what led to the arrest saying, after receiving mandatory notice from the school district that
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allegations of impropriety had been made concerning mr. izumizaki's relationship with a minor, the albany police began an investigation into that relationship." following the victim and witness interviews, police collected additional evidence that confirmed information from those interviews. the chief goes on to say, "i am also grateful for and would like to publicly thank those victims and witnesses who have shown great courage and character by coming forward." the police chief and the sheriff's department would not go on camera today to speak about the investigation. rabies still does exist in california. >> and rabies cost a bay area man his life. the county that confirms its first death in decades. >> el nino is making a comeback. but it's not what you think. the surprise in store for the bay area this winter. >> we're making allot more beer than we -- a lot more beer than we used to. >> how those pints provide a snapshot of our economy. ,,
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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a safeway, is being kept in a bay area mother accused of ditching her daughter while trying to steal groceries at a safeway is being kept in jail. 38-year-old marcy erico did not enter a plea in court today. she was declared a flight risk after learning she already tried leaving the state and has relatives in wyoming. the d.a. says if released she wouldn't show up for the next court appearance. >> her daughter's presence in law enforcement custody at the safeway was not enough for her to return to the scene. so i didn't think the court or the people would be comfortable that she would return to court. >> erico is being held on $500,000 bail. she is due back in court on october 16th to enter a plea. a bay area man's death
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overseas has triggered an international health scare. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains it all traces back to a sick bat. >> reporter: it's the county's first death fr rabies in almost two decades. >> rabies still does exist in california. however, it is rare. >> reporter: a 34-year-old contra costa man died from the disease in switzerland in july. once the cdc found out, a full blown investigation started. >> there were four people that we identified that may have had contact with his saliva or other body fluids. three of those did and we offered post-exposure prophylaxis or treatment to them and they received those injections. >> reporter: investigators discovered four months before he died, the man came in contact with a mexican three tailed bat in southern contra costa county and didn't report it to any health official. >> the key is if you have been exposed to a wild animal if you
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are concerned about having saliva contact or being bitten by a wild animal seek medical attention immediately. >> reporter: the cdc says though the majority of bats have no risk of rabies. most human rabies infections in the u.s. come from exposure to the animal. >> bats are the principal group of animals in which we see rabies each year. between 1,000 and 2,000 bats are tested each year in california for rabies. and between -- up to 200 bats are found positive each year. >> reporter: in contra costa county, health leaders say one to 10 bats tests positive for the disease each year. this case is a reminder to stay away from wildlife and report any contact you have with these animals. >> you can see from the taxi determine any back here taxidermy back here, the bats, some people think it's cute but we would recommend never touching a bat ever. >> reporter: health officials
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say the most recent death in california was a santa barbara resident who was exposed to the virus in mexico. in martinez, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> the victim made several international flights in the weeks before his death. so the cdc is busy tracking down people who came in contact with him. some have been given post- exposure rabies shots. other bay area headlines, a manhunt in the south bay for burglary suspects has been called off after the afternoon crime in east san jose. the victim's neighbor followed the suspects until they shot out his car window with what appears to be a bb gun. deputies went from yard to yard looking for the three men but could not find them. driver died in a fiery crash in milpitas this morning on southbound 880 just south of the 237 interchange. chp says the driver lost control and crashed into the shoulder. the car burst into flames. the driver is not identified. chp says the car is registered
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to a milpitas resident. san francisco's new roman catholic leader will be on probation for the next three years. archbishop salvatore cordileone pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor reckless driving stemming from his august dui arrest in san diego. the city attorney there says the plea bargain on the lesser charge is common for first-time offenders. at his installation mass yesterday the archbishop called it a terrible error in judgment. signs that times are getting better for americans one beer at a time. americans are drinking more beer even though brewers increased prices through the recession. unlike the wine and liquor companies. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us how beer sales can show how the economy may be headed in the right direction. >> welcome to anchor brewing company. my name is daniel. i'll be your tour guide today. >> reporter: cold beer, how about a beer? they got them at anchor brewery. >> we're taking a sample of the beer to see how the fermentation is progressing. >> reporter: americans may or
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may not be crying in their beers, but they sure are drinking more of them. >> how's business? >> very good. >> reporter: it is good at san francisco's anchor, the nation's first microbrewery now almost 50 years old and lots of other places that make beer their business. >> i like beer especially on a nice day like today. >> reporter: some beer drinkers are fair weather fans but wrap your head around this. beer sales of are up for the first time in 3 years since the downturn and some economists believe that means the economy is growing. beer sales as an economic indicator? really? >> beer sales are considered an indication of the economy and so when they are improving that means that people feel more secure. >> reporter: consumer psychologist kit yarrow says it's mostly an indication of one particular group which drinks the most beer. >> young men in their early 20s to mid-30s and they were hit really hard by the recession. >> we're making a lot more beer
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than we used to. >> reporter: mark carpenter is the brewmaster at anchor with the company 41 years. not quite when beer was 15 cents. beer as an economic indicator? you betcha a tall one. it doesn't really work that way. >> i don't think quite honestly that beer always parallels the economy. people are employed, they still like a drink now and then. >> reporter: the theory keeps bubbling up and after the straight years in the drain, beer sales are up almost 2% overall and craft beer like anchor up 12% in just the first half of this year alone. brewers are hopped up in more ways than one. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> i'm going to make a bet that beer sales will be pretty good this weekend. >> dipping suds. >> something tells me there will be a beverage or a million enjoyed around the city. >> yeah. >> so many events, yes. we want this weekend -- please drink responsibly. we want this weekend to be excellent weather-wise not perfect. i'm not here to paint that
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rosie of a picture. these clouds that you see outside today painting a beautiful picture of the sky that tells me this upper-level low pressure area we have been dealing with the past several days is getting closer and as it do, the cloud cover is going to get more prevalent as it does. oakland warm at 70. upper 60s for san jose, santa rosa, livermore 68. and concord 67. especially our inland locations, you are cooling down once again. you were at 100 a couple of days ago. play-off baseball divisional series 6:37 cloudy, chilly, 62 degrees for the reds versus the giants. the same weather that gave us hot weather this week is off to the west and heading in our direction. as it gets closer the weather will get cloudier and cooler so this weekend only the mid-60s near the bay. that's it. so bring a light jacket if you are coming into the city. on monday, when all these events are finished, that's when low pressure finally arrives. when it arrives, we are going to have a chance of showers
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holding off until the top of next week. next week looks chilly and showery. san francisco tomorrow, 65 degrees. the average high is 70. livermore your high tomorrow is 76. redwood city 70. napa 72. fairfield 77. concord and livermore in the mid-70s for your saturday. weekend time now we're looking at mid-70s, that's it, on sunday, as well. mid- to upper 60s near the bay with a chance of rain showers nothing too widespread or heavy but there are showers in the forecast monday through wednesday. clearing out by thursday. so showers holding off until the weekend is finished. that's your cbs 5 forecast. an estimated 500,000 cars are coming into the city. but we only have about 400,000 parking spots. coming up in the consumerwatch, a new trend that can make you money and provide some much- needed parking. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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save up to 15% on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row.
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♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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unique training exercise. ty acticed an urban about 30 marines, sailors, coast guardsmen teaming up with the fear department in this training exercise. they are practicing an urban search-and-rescue drill on treasure island. but it was a dog that was the highlight of the event of he is a combat tracker dog from the first crime-fighting battalion based in camp pendleton. they are all here to celebrate fleet week. on this busy weekend in the bay area there's going to be a million extra people half a million cars but only 400,000 parking spaces. it's going to be tough hunting for parking in the city this weekend. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with one solution to the parking squeeze. >> reporter: we are here in the richmond district where hardly strictly bluegrass is just getting under way. the sunset just on the other side of us. both areas that rarely have parking on regular weekends. you tack on these no parking signs, you have folks parking behind me that are so desperate they are willing to be towed but there is a new trend just
6:22 pm
in time providing some much- needed parking spots. reporter: what's it like trying to find a park space around here when you have outside lands or hardly strictly bluegrass? >> we don't have a car so that's not a problem. >> reporter: but what anna does have is a prime parking spot in the sunset, a neighborhood without nearly enough parking to accommodate it frequent festivals. >> there are times when i thought, boy, i should rent out my driveway. but the whole mechanics of the thing finding a person, exchanging money all that was --eh, too much to deal with. >> reporter: enter park please, one of a growing number of websites and apps that connect driveway owners with people searching for parking and takes care of the transactions for them. at events like fleet week america's cup and hardly strictly bluegrass provide prime opportunity to promote these prime parking spots. >> we have been, you know, getting, you know, hundreds and hundreds of unique, you know, local neighbors, you know, listing their empty parking space or even in some case even moving their cars to sort of capitalize on all this extra traffic. >> reporter: he says driveway
6:23 pm
rentals regional champions range from $15 to $90 depending on location and, yes, there is a premium on busy weekends. they have about 1,000 driveways so far but park please isn't the only game in town. >> we just launched in san francisco about two weeks ago. >> reporter: parking panda is a baltimore-based company that has fewer local driveways but also lets you reserve a spot in a garage. cofounder nick miller believes the increase in driveway rental competition is encouraging. >> other people being out there means more people are becoming aware of the way, you know, that you can book parking online. >> reporter: but park please believes that their certainly service sets them apart from the rest in an industry dominated by technology they personally verify each driveway. the key they believe to success. >> you already have a reservation for tomorrow, too, right? >> yes. >> great. good. >> reporter: now, there is still time to rent out your driveway and parking spots are filling up fast. you want to make a reservation if you are looking for one. driveway owners should remember, that you are responsible for paying income
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tax on anything you earn. and driveway renters, you should remember you do have to abide by city laws so no locking sidewalks or any of those curb cutouts. >> have to remember all those little details. >> income tax? >> look out. >> what was that? >> income tax. who would have thought. >> only if you make a certain amount. >> whew. >> thank you. record high gas prices at the pump throughout california. what drivers are saying and when these prices may finally begin to come down. i'll have that story just ahead. >> this place lives or if you want your kids to have a good future. >> why one particular bay area suburb is seeing transplants from all over the world. >> and not all el ninos are created equal. the surprise it could bring to the bay area this winter. ,,,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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been higher. gas-buddy-dot- com reports, the statewide t a new record tod now at 6:30, it's official. california gas prices have never been higher. reports the statewide average hit a new record today following a nearly 20-cent spike overnight. prices in many bay area cities
6:28 pm
are now at all-time highs. ,areas could shatter records this weekend. mark sayre on what's fueling these pumped up prize and when drivers might see relief. >> reporter: record highs in san francisco, oakland and san jose all reached record highs. one thing is for sure, drivers are not happy about it. >> reporter: sticker shock and anger go hand in hand as prices go skyward. just ask stan martinez. >> i can't believe this extreme jump. it's unbelievable. >> highway robbery! >> reporter: dave is driving his motorcycle around town to help cut his fuel costs. he has a few choice words for the oil companies. you're not buying it? >> not at all. just one excuse after another. why should we pay because they have a refinery they didn't take care of their stuff and it caught fire at the refinery? you know what i'm saying? it's all --they are looking for any excuse. >> reporter: she says she will
6:29 pm
have to cut back on her spending elsewhere. so you fill up your car or have a soda. >> or family. it's a lot of money to me. >> reporter: at this station in cupertino, some of the very highest gas prices and is over $5 a gallon. it's possible this price spike will be short-lived. >> it's because of refinery problems and production issues certainly. but we have also seen price spikes. this is a very dramatic one. but we do know that what goes up does come down and often quickly. >> reporter: if there is a bright spot in any of this, it is for diesel fuel users like brian who has been used to paying more than his unleaded gas counterparts. not anymore. >> every day i top off my tank. it keeps saying it's going up and up. so every day i top off my tank.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: now, here in san jose, we're just off of highway 101 in mckee. there are two off brand stations here. you can see the price $4.37 a gallon and right now in this gas price environment, this is considered a bargain as a result, we have been seeing lines like this all afternoon people trying to do anything they can to help with that bite at the pump. it's rough out there as now. >> i mean, there's a lot of conspiracy theories on why the gas is so high but everybody agrees it's so painful and frustrating. >> reporter: an all-time record. >> we make it easy to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. just head to our website, end enter your zip code. the nation unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, of the first time it was under 8% since january 2009. today, news moved unemployment front and center in the
6:31 pm
presidential election. the unemployment rate reported today was better than expected down three-tenths of 1% to go below 8%. good news? depends on who you ask. >> if the numbers are accurate, that's always a positive thing. i don't know how could you spin it negatively. but i'm sure someone will. >> reporter: he's right. especially in an election year, one number has many interpretations. president obama told a fairfax, virginia, crowd this: >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: he said there's more work to be done to help middle class families and said that's why he is running for re- election. >> today's news certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score a few political points. >> reporter: mitt romney told supporters in virginia the country hasn't mer enough. >> now, we can do better. we don't have to stay on the path we have been on. >> reporter: businesses added 114,000 jobs in september slower than the growth earlier
6:32 pm
in the summer. romney pointed out the unemployment rate doesn't reflect people who stopped looking for work. >> if the same share of people were participating until the workforce today as on the day that the president got elected, why, our unemployment rate would be around 11%. >> reporter: 8.8 million lost jobs during the recession. just under half of those jobs have been added back. that means millions of jobs still to go. and a task that will take longer than the 32 days remaining until the election. california's rate still close it 11%. the next government jobs report comes out the first week in november just days before the election. the labor report pushed the dow to a five-year high today. the dow ended the workweek up 35 points to close at 13,610. the other major indices lost ground today. the nasdaq dropped 13, s&p lost half a point. there is a major driving force to one of the bay area's hottest housing markets.
6:33 pm
schools are attracting home buyers to the san ramon valley. the cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo shows us, there's a side effect to that popularity. >> reporter: quail run elementary school is a diverse school with demographics that rival the inner city but this is the suburbs. >> i have a kindergarten and second grader and the reason i moved here was the school district. it's i believe one of the best school districts in the area. >> reporter: the area's excellent schools are no secret. the san are moan valley unified school district -- san ramon valley unified school district gets 700 to 1,000 new students every year. >> our school board president has coined the phrase, destination district. >> reporter: all those children are moving with their parents to the san ramon valley. over the summer, some camped out to get a coveted spot in a new development. realtor bill clarkson says the housing market is back to its prerecession days. >> we are getting multiple offers across the board. we are seeing good price rises. hopefully not too crazy but we are seeing the market become
6:34 pm
very solid again. >> reporter: he is also the mayor of san ramon and says he is seeing transplants from across the globe. >> a lot of buyers are looking for where are the best schools and test scores and out here, the lowest performing school is still outstanding. >> reporter: jennifer moved here from castro valley. >> if you want your kids to have a good future this is the place to live. but it's expensive. >> reporter: these homes cost about $700,000. but when you compare this area with other high performing school districts like piedmont and palo alto, dollar for dollar, this is a better deal. and 25% of the homes in the newer doherty valley are low to moderate income housing but the parents make an investment far beyond their mortgage. >> regardless of what culture or background you come from, we all put our children first. >> reporter: parents put in 300,000 volunteer hours and contribute $15 million in private donations each year. >> if it wasn't for our parent community and what they give
6:35 pm
both from out of their pockets but also time wise, it would be a real struggle for us. >> reporter: because of what many believe is an outdated formula, this district gets less money per student than the state average. they have overcome that obstacle and feel they will conquer the next challenge, overcrowding. they are hopeful a november bond measure will pass because the community has shown that education is its top priority. ann notarangelo, cbs 5. flooding, wind, landslides, those are just a few of the words that come to mind when we hear the phrase, el nino. but as we head into what will likely be another el nino winter, meteorologist paul deanno did some digging and found all el ninos are not created equal. >> they are not and that's key because all signs are pointing toward the first el nino winter since 2009. many of them are packed with way too much rainfall a lot of
6:36 pm
flooding, but sometimes it's the opposite. the strongest el nino on record brought some of the worst weather the bay area has ever seen. the el nino winter of 1997-198 packed a powerful punch, relentless rainfall, more than a foot of rain in february, gusty winds, unstable soils and rough surf made it a winter we'll never forget. we also never want a repeat of 197-1998. el nino comes to live with warmer than normal water creating more thunderstorms and what appears to be the middle of nowhere. here's how interdependent the atmosphere s el nino which forms storm 5,000 miles away shouldn't be a problem for california but the jet stream which carries those winter storms goes from here to california and any change in the jet stream here will give a big change all the way down there. now, history shows that a strong el nino essentially guarantees a wet winter in the bay area. often, really wet.
6:37 pm
but here's something really interesting. a weaker el nino with fewer jet stream altering thunderstorms has a much different impact on our weather. since 1950, we have had 19 different el nino winter events. 11 of those 19 were moderate or strong and most of those we had a rough winter a lot of rain and wind. but 8 of those were classified as weak el nino years. out of the eight, two yearsk 2000 every 2006 and 1976 were weak he will ninos which followed a weak la nina. that's the case this year. now in both of these examples, the winter was drier than normal not wetter. now, a second straight dry winter would create other problems like a shorter ski season, worsening water restrictions and a very high fire danger next year. but compared to what we had 15 years ago that within a few drops in the bucket. literally. one important note here. el nino is a very good indicator of what will happen
6:38 pm
for the winter but predict one event that one really bad storm, it's impossible this far out. and it's often those single events that shape whether we think it's been a bad winter or not. i'll have the forecast for this weekend coming up in a few minutes. don't give up hope. there is hope for you. >> a transplant years in the making. why a bay area father had to wait so long. how he finally got that operation. >> for some, this is a shopper's paradise. see what happens when the japanese retailer finally opens its doors here in the bay area. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
set of kidneys. after years of waiting an undocumented immigrant has a new set of kidneys. 36-year-old jesus navarro was born with small kidneys so he waited on a transplant list for nearly 7 years.
6:41 pm
but after learning his immigration status, uc-san francisco medical center denied him an operation. doctors didn't think he could afford the follow-up care. that's when thousands of supporters pushed for ucsf to change its mind and it did. >> don't give up hope. there is hope for you if you are waiting on the list. there are ways that you can receive a transplant because every person here deserves life- saving treatment. [ non-english language ] in oakland heard about the problem and agreed to pay for the follow-up care. jesus had a successful operation and is recovering. in san jose today, many came out to check out the multi- million dollar renovation at the san jose civic auditorium. mayor chuck reed was there to help kick things off and cut the ribbon. the san jose civic is a versatile 3,000 seat venue that hosted such artists as the who, barbra streisand, frank sinatra plus many more over the past 76
6:42 pm
years. the $15 million renovation was completed this year restoring the historic venue back to its old glory. >> we told but all the things going on in the bay area this weekend. here's something else drawing a massive crowd. see what's attracting all these shoppers. the as announced their starting pitchers for games one and two of the alds series in detroit. and the giants, hey, another dress rehearsal as they open up their play-off series against the reds and look at pablo sandoval doing it in style. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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hundreds waited in line to o one of the hottest fashion brands in the world opened its first store on the west coast today at uniqlo in union square. it started in japan and attracts a wide variety of customers. >> so many kind of customers in the stores. we originally from tokyo. so there are some japanese customers, asian customers and also san francisco people now
6:46 pm
visiting the store. >> uniqlo opened four stores in new york and new jersey. they opened here because they said it's a hotbed of innovation, creative and technology. earlier this week the bay area was hot. we had 102 in santa rosa. we had 94 in downtown san francisco. we had triple digits all throughout our inland communities and what's going on today? many of you didn't get out of the 60s even in inland spots. i am showing you the radar hi- def doppler the strongest radar in town. the national weather service helped us pick the perfect location to see any rainfall. there will be some rain at the top of next week but this weekend will be dry. friday night a lot of you heading out it's going to be chilly. these are your temperatures when you wake:tomorrow morning. redwood city 52. san jose 54. napa down to 48. concord 53. and in san francisco, overnight low 53 degrees. there wasn't much sunshine today thin cloud cover mid and upper level cloud cover but it was there. and it continues to stream in
6:47 pm
from the southwest. that's a sign that things are changing and low pressure is moving closer to us. not done yet. every day for the next three low pressure will get closer and closer and closer. thankfully staying just far enough to our west to keep any rainfall out of our forecast for the weekend. but saturday and sunday only partly sunny. it's going to be a fine weekend to get out but it will be cooler with a decent amount of cloud cover. on monday, when low pressure gets right over top of us, low pressure literally is that less pressure pushing down so we get for atmosphere lift, more lift means even more cloud cover and in this case, it also means some rainfall. we have some scattered showers in the forecast monday, tuesday and wednesday. nothing heavy nothing too widespread. but there will be showers out there starting the top of the week next week so showers hold off for the weekend. scattered showers move in on the monday and there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm especially towards tuesday and wednesday. we'll keep an eye on it and watch the forecast all weekend lodge. for the beginning. weekend let's talk temperatures
6:48 pm
now. average high in concord 80. tomorrow only 75. average high tomorrow in san jose is 79. you will be only at 72. so anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees cooler than normal. half moon bay high 63. fremont 69. morgan hill 75 degrees. vallejo saturday partial sunshine, high of 68. benicia 72. danville 75. pleasanton 75. livermore 76. so many people heading to san francisco with a high of 65 tomorrow. sausalito 66. san rafael 72. and oakland your high 68 degrees. similar weather on sunday. partly sunny and chilly but rain-free. showers move in monday, tuesday and wednesday as i mentioned nothing heavy. but there will be scattered showers each day. dry on thursday and guess what shower chance comes back next friday. but right now, it's all about the weekend. roberta gonzales is reporting live and you had a fun day today. >> reporter: i had an excellent day. i have had a great week, paul. can we just get that straight? whenever you have fleet week it's all good. today mobile 5 we jumped on
6:49 pm
over to oakland at landmark aviation because this is the spot where all the fleet week pilots gather to go over their flight plans. when we arrived we noticed that the clouds broke up sooner today than yesterday. so that was perfect timing to jump on board an aerobatic plane and you at home get to go along exclusively for the ride seen only here on cbs 5. >> i need to put this parachute on you.
6:50 pm
thank you. you are fabulous! absolutely fabulous. now if you doesn't mind i'm just going to do a little... >> oh, my goodness. >> very cool. >> pilot mike tells me that if those clouds stay at 1,000 feet no problem for flying over the weekend. any lower it could be a problem for all pilots. that's a look at mobile weather for this friday night. eyewitness news returns. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
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i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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...giants-reds play-off gam1 will be somewhere in the 1st inning... hacks all right. it is on! this time tomorrow, giants-reds play-off game one will be somewhere in the 1st inning. final hacks today, yes, it's another reminder that it is post-season at third and king streets for both teams. and look at pablo sandoval's hairstyle, huh, for the occasion. an orange mohawk. nice. dusty baker last manager to take the giants to the world series in 2002, stole the show at the press conference after he met with will clark. he talked about everything
6:54 pm
including his recent stroke, his subsequent eating habits, his time in san francisco and the upcoming series. >> i was supposed to come home with my home boys that i grew up around here. i love my daughter but she had me on couscous and, you know, fixing me various pastas and made me eat oatmeal every morning. >> reporter: dusty, you have to be the one opposing manager that 44,000 are probably going to cheer. >> we'll see if they still love me on sunday i hope we start out 2-0. we'll see. nothing better than, you know, me trying to figure out how to kick your butt and you trying to figure out how to kick mine. >> starts around 6:30 tomorrow evening. the as post-season party opens in detroit tomorrow. what a stunning ending, american west champs. unless you love the rangers. i don't think we can see this moment enough.
6:55 pm
today bob melvin announced he will start rookie pitchers jarrod parker and tommy malone in games one and two with a combined 26-18 record this season. parker will be the first oakland as rookie pitcher to start the first game of a post- season. >> we have done it together and we kind of knew we had to pick the other guys off. we got brett back was a huge pickup and he went down bartolo's situation and, you know, mac going down. we kind of came together and, you know, we knew we had to pick up a good majority of the workload. we kind of have done it. cardinals and braves, matt holliday back away forget about it 6th inning, 4-2 st. louis. but you know what? here's the game. 8th inning two on, one out,
6:56 pm
here's a pop-up. left field. and it's off. so instead of two on you think well the bases are loaded for the braves. trying to catch up. but no, no. the infield fly rule is called. and the batter is out and the cascade of -- whatever you want to call it from the stands -- came on down to the field stopped the game. braves end up losing 6-3 which upsets our prompter operator. cardinals of advancecardinals against the nationals on sunday. the 49ers 9 1/2 point favorites host the bills on sunday buffalo an embarrassing loss in new england defensively so bad the patriots scored them 45-14 in the second half and put 580 yards of total offense. despite that here's the 49er coaches building up buffalo's defensive line.
6:57 pm
>> explosive team, both sides of the ball. this will be the best defensive line we have played so far this year. >> is this a case of the head coach buttering up the opponent or in your opinion are they that good? >> i will fully echo what coach said. it's a fact. this is the best defensive line we faced thus far. [ laughter ] >> and the laugh track, dennis o'donnell productions throwing that in. nobody is going to believe that. i think the 49ers could be playing, i don't know, a high school team and they would say, this is just the greatest high school team and we're going to have our work cut out. >> that's the line. >> sell it. >> optimistic. >> as long as they win. captions by: caption colorado you're on timeout leo!
6:58 pm
some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.


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